Assignment of temporary employees without a license

The Ger­man Law on Tem­po­rary Employ­ment (AÜG, Arbeit­nehmerüber­las­sungs­ge­setz) pro­vides for fines to be imposed in a host of cases.

These are laid down in sec. 16 AÜG.

One case, for instance, is the assign­ment of employ­ees with­out a license. This is called ille­gal tem­po­rary employ­ment with­out a license.

A per­son who assigns a tem­po­rary employ­ee or allows a tem­po­rary employ­ee to work at cus­tomers on a pay­rolling or staffing basis needs a license to oper­ate a tem­po­rary employ­ment agency. A per­son who car­ries out these activ­i­ties with­out a license com­mits ille­gal assign­ment of tem­po­rary employees.

This can be pun­ished by fines of up to €30,000.

The law does not per­mit a tem­po­rary employ­ment agency to be oper­at­ed and the license to be applied for retroac­tive­ly. This also con­sti­tutes ille­gal oper­a­tion of a tem­po­rary employ­ment agency and is pun­ished by fines of up to €30,000 and revo­ca­tion of the license granted.