How to obtain a license for a temporary employment agency?

The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) issues the licenses for temporary employment agencies. Depending on the federal state where the applicant is based, another branch of the agency is responsible.

The Federal Employment Agency currently charges a processing fee of €1000 for the application.

Applications must be submitted in German. Besides the completed application form, further documents must be submitted. These must all be available in German, and in part in the form of a certified translation.

Moreover, further certificates are required from the respective home country, for example, proof that the applicant either has a license to operate a temporary employment agency in his home country or a certificate from a competent authority that no temporary employment agency license is required for the applicant’s project under the respective law of his home country.

This requirement represents a major hurdle for many foreign companies and involves a high degree of organisational effort and translation costs.

Furthermore, the Federal Employment Agency requires that foreign companies also comply with German labour law when deploying personnel in Germany. This often makes it necessary to adapt existing employment contracts.

As soon as all completed documents have been submitted, the Federal Employment Agency reserves a review period of three months for its decision to issue the license. Based on our experience, the license is often issued after six to eight weeks.

How can we help?

We will be glad to assist you in all the steps required to obtain the license.

First, we will provide you with a list of the individual steps to be taken, the required documents and their format, layout and content.

We will handle communications with German authorities, file the application for you and provide the required forms and necessary contract templates. Should the relevant authorities have any questions, we will facilitate communications between applicants and authorities in order to find a quick solution.

We also help German and foreign companies to comply with the rules of German labour law and to reflect this in the documents submitted to the Federal Employment Agency.