How to obtain a license for a temporary employment agency?

The Fed­er­al Employ­ment Agency (Bun­de­sagen­tur für Arbeit) issues the licens­es for tem­po­rary employ­ment agen­cies. Depend­ing on the fed­er­al state where the appli­cant is based, anoth­er branch of the agency is responsible.

The Fed­er­al Employ­ment Agency cur­rent­ly charges a pro­cess­ing fee of €377 for the first appli­ca­tion and €2.060 for the first renew­al appli­ca­tion.

Appli­ca­tions must be sub­mit­ted in Ger­man. Besides the com­plet­ed appli­ca­tion form, fur­ther doc­u­ments must be sub­mit­ted. These must all be avail­able in Ger­man, and in part in the form of a cer­ti­fied trans­la­tion.

More­over, fur­ther cer­tifi­cates are required from the respec­tive home coun­try, for exam­ple, proof that the appli­cant either has a license to oper­ate a tem­po­rary employ­ment agency in his home coun­try or a cer­tifi­cate from a com­pe­tent author­i­ty that no tem­po­rary employ­ment agency license is required for the appli­can­t’s project under the respec­tive law of his home country.

This require­ment rep­re­sents a major hur­dle for many for­eign com­pa­nies and involves a high degree of organ­i­sa­tion­al effort and trans­la­tion costs.

Fur­ther­more, the Fed­er­al Employ­ment Agency requires that for­eign com­pa­nies also com­ply with Ger­man labour law when deploy­ing per­son­nel in Ger­many. This often makes it nec­es­sary to adapt exist­ing employ­ment contracts.

As soon as all com­plet­ed doc­u­ments have been sub­mit­ted, the Fed­er­al Employ­ment Agency reserves a review peri­od of three months for its deci­sion to issue the license. Based on our expe­ri­ence, the license is often issued after six to eight weeks.

How can we help?

We will be glad to assist you in all the steps required to obtain the license.

First, we will pro­vide you with a list of the indi­vid­ual steps to be tak­en, the required doc­u­ments and their for­mat, lay­out and content.

We will han­dle com­mu­ni­ca­tions with Ger­man author­i­ties, file the appli­ca­tion for you and pro­vide the required forms and nec­es­sary con­tract tem­plates. Should the rel­e­vant author­i­ties have any ques­tions, we will facil­i­tate com­mu­ni­ca­tions between appli­cants and author­i­ties in order to find a quick solution.

We also help Ger­man and for­eign com­pa­nies to com­ply with the rules of Ger­man labour law and to reflect this in the doc­u­ments sub­mit­ted to the Fed­er­al Employ­ment Agency.